Thoughts on College Year No. 1, shot on 3 different film cameras and 4 different film speeds (Canon AE-1, Nikon F3, and some shitty Kodak point and shoot we found at the dump, on 100-800 speeds), at this point not sure which are which

Longing for a Mess

A Lonely Chair

All the Boys

Don’t Say Ice Skating


Design for Instinct

Working in Constructive Chaos

Sunflowers and Snow in April

Remembering Sunshine

Falling Back in Love with California


I think I grew a lot, which is usually code for having had rough spots; this was no exception. I learned that only a few feet of snow makes a forest feel like a moonscape. I learned that you can run out of times you want to eat pizza. I learned how to sketch model and laser cut and weld and make a low pass filter and create value. I learned how to make art in engineering class. I learned how much softness you need to take the twang out of dorm-room acoustics. I learned how to make surveys and that I have to answer them because my opinion can change the experience of 80+ students. I learned that cereal is always good for dinner. I re-learned that I should treat others not how I want to be treated, but how they do. I learned how to take pictures and break cameras. I made friends and mentors and parts of a support system, and a new home.



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