Playing House

The first bit of our family trip this past summer was pretty hectic. But then, Prague.

I like playing house a lot. Some people don’t get that. I mean being a homebody and making a nice breakfast and setting the table and then washing the dishes after and sitting on the couch inside being in that home space and having afternoon tea. I like playing house when we travel; get an apartment and then find all the nice little grocery stores in a few block radius and then get fresh fruit and cheese and bread and milk and butter and nice things for tea time.

It was kind of ironic we were in this place with really good spaetzle (a type of eggy noodle) but since I wanted to cook I just made my own at home with red bell pepper sauce and it was awesome. I liked that apartment.

I liked walking down to the mini mart to buy flour to make thin pancakes with yogurt and berries or lemon and sugar, and how I got semolina instead of white flour so I had to back and get a second bag. I liked buying small rectangular slices of salami from the cheese market on the corner across the square and how it tasted like flower-shaped salami from my childhood trips to a special Jewish deli in Montreal with my great grandmother. I liked buying strawberries as a treat and miniature butter biscuits from the tiny gourmet grocer around the corner for tea time. I liked the stove that we couldn’t turn on for the longest time because then once we did it felt like an accomplishment and making pancakes was a luxury. I liked the warm rounded tones of the light in the apartment because of the natural wood everywhere. I liked the double paned windows and watching the rain fall in sheets through them into the courtyard below and how the softness of the rainy afternoon light rounded out the hues of the pink and red window-box flowers, making them appear velvety.

I guess you could argue that going going somewhere new and then spending time in your apartment defeats the purpose of traveling. I did go out, of course, mostly for golden hours, and I saw really awesome beautiful buildings and food and people. But still, my favorite way to experience places is to be there as if I’m living there. I just really like playing house that’s it.

2 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. Beautiful photos! And I love how they are juxtaposed. And, this is my favorite way to travel. You describe it beautifully. I just have to tell you that in a terrible irony, there is a Trump ad below your post 😦

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