You People Don’t Know What’s Good

  • The only best blueberries
  • The only best bagels
  • The only best chicken
  • The only best ice cream
  • The only best salad
  • The only best oysters
  • The only best candies
  • The only best challah
  • The only best chocolate
  • The only best marzipan
  • The only best soap
  • The only best dish-washing system
  • The only best potassium
  • The only best parking lot shortcuts
  • The only best butcher
  • The only best hand cream
  • The only best homeopathics
  • The only best fur coat
  • The only best jewish recipes
  • The only best magnifying glass
  • The only best child
  • The only best country
  • The only best memories
  • The only best life

Is it repetitive? They just don’t know what’s good!

But I see the beauty, the treasure of tradition, the careful curation of ninety-three years of life, one hundred pairs of dancing shoes, one thousand sea shells, one billion grains of sand.

At the same time, my  favorite thing…? Exploration, discovery, the library.

Oh, the joy of being young: freedom to take risks and explore life, while still dabbling in history.

I love not knowing everything yet.

However, because of you, Charlotte (Lotta), I know a lot more.

Thank you.

You are an unbelievably inspirational woman.

Love, Emma

3 thoughts on “You People Don’t Know What’s Good

  1. I had the same relationship to my grandmother. ! She taught me what is good too ! My Jeanette your Charlotte are what make life good !!!! Thank you Emma

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