Sometimes I find a moment where I see how much comfortable beauty there is around me. It’s not engineered; not the kind seen in architecture, or photoshopped models, or even captured through my lens.

The organic chaos falling into moments of peace. When a bird stuck inside, battering itself on high windows, finds its way back into the open on its own. When a row of haphazardly planted seeds sprout into perfect little gems of life. When the setting sun strikes a white rose in just that way, or glances off the earth in a fiery explosion of evening.

The faces; the laughing eyes.

They hint at what peace might be like. These tiny, everyday glimmers of hope whisper about what they could become: pinpoints lighting up the world, one by one until…

A world in which every child has as much opportunity to grow as the little seedlings in my garden. A world where there is less excessive incarceration- more birds in the sky instead of against windows. A world where no one has to live in fear, where every person can find moments of light and opportunity in their lives.

When I see these glimmers, sometimes I allow myself to move into that space of light for just a heartbeat. What if there was no more terror to broadcast throughout the world? What if we turned on our big screens and small screens and radios and saw only messages of hope, of peace?

Thankful this past week for my life as I send love to every person in every country who is living in fear.

It has to end.


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