Starting from Scratch

One of the reasons I came to Thacher was to try new things, and in the five weeks that I’ve been here so far, I’ve done just that. Between starting a new foreign language (Latin), picking up guitar, learning new skills in the woodshop, and just living at Thacher in general, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow.

Although I like improving skills that I already have, there’s something great about starting from scratch. I’m not expected to know anything at first- I just have to trust my teacher. I have the chance to do my best from day one. The times when I’m learning these brand new things are some of the best parts of the day for me. I’m so glad I was able to make this big change in my schooling to have these opportunities.

But you should still think about trying new experiences even if you aren’t making transformations in your life. Next time you have the opportunity to do something new and different, take it! It will probably be hard at first, but who knows, it might end up being your lifelong passion.



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