A Manmade Perception

In the past week, I attended twenty-eight classes, went to dance six times, did many hours of homework, worked on sixty yards of trail, and ate over six popsicles, but it all went by inexplicably quickly.

It makes me wonder about what time really is… what it means that we’ve decided as a world that we should all move in sync with the planets and each other. I once saw a Humans of New York post that I haven’t been able to find again until just now. It’s about time being understood through change:

“I have this theory. You ready? So we are on earth for a finite amount of time. And time is a manmade perception. And we perceive time passing through change— seasons, aging, things like that. So to expand our time on earth, we must incite as much change in our lives as possible.”

We’ve all experienced the flexibility of time. The first week of school lasted a lifetime while the second was over before I knew it. The summer always goes by in the blink of an eye, however hard I try to slow it down. The concept and feeling of “one year” has changed meaning for me since the time I’ve been able to comprehend it.

It seems like time is this all-powerful omnipresent force, “time must go on.” But it’s interesting to consider the power we might have over our own perceptions of time, and the fact that we, as humans, are the ones who have defined as the “time” we know today.

In light of this, I encourage you to reconsider something you previously thought of as a truth set in stone. Challenging your perception of truth can be scary, because the things we call “true” are the ones we can hold on to when everything else falls away, but looking at a different perspective can be powerful- even life changing.



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