Moving On

Tomorrow is my last day at home before we drive down to Southern California to start off a new school year. I’m really excited, even for the homework (by the end of the summer I’ve remembered that I like it a little). The first week of school is trips- hiking and a few other kinds, maybe kayaking or rock climbing. Awesome way to end the summer.

I had the best summer ever this year in Vermont. I learned so much about balancing people’s needs, conflicting interests in a community, equality of many kinds, and becoming a better person. Although I loved every day of my time there, it was easier to transition home from camp this summer for many reasons.

This summer, I consciously focused on specific ways that I grew over the past few weeks and thought about how I could hold onto these things. For example, one of the important aspects of camp is affirming each other- noticing what is great about people in the community and telling them these things. When you start thinking about affirmations, “making people good” (kind of like radical respect- assuming the best intent, that all people are good), becomes more natural. I can think of something great about every person who was at camp this summer, and I think that’s awesome. This is one of the things I focused on holding on to once I came back home- through formal affirmations with my brother and friends, and trying to “make people good” in general.

This is a good strategy for any transition, the ending of anything. Moving on can be hard, but it’s easier if you keep the valuable parts of the experience alive in your life and your heart.

This coming transition will be new and challenging, but I know I’m going to thrive in the new community, and when it comes time to leave, I know I’ll have learned more things to take into my next stage of life and into the future.


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