In the Garden

There’s nothing like a bowl of cottage cheese topped with fresh, homegrown berries and apricot for breakfast… the only thing better is eating it in the garden.

Although we have plenty of land for me to explore at my house, my favorite place to be is our garden, with its rows of raspberries and blackberries, towering sunflowers, little orchard with what seems like any type of fruit you could ever desire, and beds of vegetables. We built a tall fence all the way around it to protect the plants from deer, and even though you can see through the netting, it almost feels like you’re entering a different world when you step through the gate. The ground is carpeted with nasturtiums and California poppies, making the whole garden seem like it’s on fire with growth. Everywhere that’s not colored with fruit or flowers is a bright, lush, green- fresh like the smell of newly cut grass. As bees go about their business, a low hum fills the air.

The best part about having a garden is being part of the process of my food- not just cooking it, but planting the seeds, weeding the beds, watching the garden grow, harvesting the fruits and vegetables, and then making compost for next year’s garden. I love being able to eat from the garden (and sometimes in it!), knowing that I contributed to growing everything inside. I have never had better apricots or raspberries than those from our garden, and the rhubarb is so bountiful we could have pies all summer. There’s no denying it, homegrown tastes better.

Putting so much work into your fruit and vegetables makes me realize how much energy goes into all the food that I eat- I definitely appreciate it more. I can’t stand wasting food, but I don’t feel bad about it when scraps go to my chickens or compost pile. With the garden, we’ve closed the cycle. It’s fulfilling, delicious, and better for the environment. Even if it’s small, try planting an herb garden or one of your favorite fruits or vegetables, and think about starting a compost this summer.

Enjoy your homegrown produce!


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