Best Bakery

I’ve had a fun but pretty hectic week, directing an intense house-cleaning project that’s finally coming to a close today, so it was lovely to take the train up to San Francisco for a little weekend away. I got to visit a friend there and we poked around some thrift stores, found awesome murals, and ate lots of bread and pastries.

I hope you have food in your life that you’d travel hours for, because I do, and it’s wonderful. Tartine is the number one best bakery in the country. This is not an exaggeration. Whenever we have family visiting from SF, we beg them to bring a loaf of walnut bread. Their croissants? Out of this world. The croque-monsieur? To die for. But the banana cream pie… oh my goodness. For the past ten years I’ve had apple pie for my birthday, it’s a tradition, but I love Tartine’s banana cream pie *so much* that this year we made that instead of my traditional apple. It has a crisp shell coated with chocolate and brushed with dark caramel, smooth pastry cream flecked with vanilla, and layers of banana. I couldn’t wait.

Since it was a Sunday, and Father’s Day, we arrived at the bakery about half an hour before its opening. We were met with a line down the block, which we patiently waited in (thank you Maddie you’re the best) until we finally got to the cases inside. After all the anticipation, you can imagine my huge disappointment when I saw the empty place where the little banana cream pies go, learning that they wouldn’t be available for a few hours.

Although it wasn’t the banana cream I had dreamed of on the train up to the city, we got a ham, plain, and almond croissant which were all fantastic. We were sitting at a communal table with other customers who were lovely and shared a taste of their bread pudding and croque-monsieur. We were stuffed and couldn’t finish the last croissant, but it was so fantastic I decided to take it to go and carry it around the city all day. This morning I heated it up and accidentally burned the edges, but it was still buttery and delicious.

Tartine was the highlight of my weekend, but we also had great local cheese on bread and fresh cucumbers and blueberries for dinner and visited fun thrift stores. They’re a little more expensive than the secondhand stores where I live, but they are filled with awesome and wacky stuff.

I’m counting down the days until summer in Vermont (9 to go!). Have a great week!


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