Cherry Blossoms

So, state science fair was really fun! I just got an honorable mention though which was disappointing because I thought my project was really improved from last year, but it got less recognition instead of more, although I was in high school this year so that changes things I guess. But at least I have another chance at ISEF next week! My project location was directly under the tail of the Endeavor, a space shuttle at the California Science Center, which was super cool.

I had an exciting Friday this week. We finished making plans for our little backpacking trip on Thursday, starting in the redwoods and ending by the beach which should be really nice. We spent the bulk of the morning tirelessly trying to put up a zipline in the redwoods (as we have done before). It was frustrating because the rope was too stretchy so we couldn’t get it tight enough, even though I climbed up between the trees on one end and sat on someone’s shoulders on the other to try to get it tied high on the trunk. In the end we just gave up. It was okay though because *I* had fun working on it at least, I don’t know about everyone else. Some people were really disappointed about working so hard on something didn’t have the outcome that we wanted.

From being unsuccessful with the zipline project, to winning less than I hoped for at science fair I’ve been experiencing some disappointment this week. I felt like I didn’t get recognition or payoff for my hard work. I realized on Friday with the zipline project though, that the process can be worth it even if the outcome isn’t what I want or expect.

What do you do with disappointment? How do you recognize the good in an experience even if you don’t get what you want? I like to think about my favorite things about the experience and focus on those. It’s like a cherry tree that blossoms but doesn’t make fruit. You can chose to be focused on the lack of cherries, or you can get excited about the beautiful blossoms. I’m so glad I got so many blossoms this week, and I know there will be cherries in the future!


One thought on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. You never cease to amaze me and make me so very proud of you. I am happy that you can look though the disappointment and see the positive good around. You worked hard, maybe did not achieve what you hoped, but along the way, I know you learned, stretched and grew.
    Lots of love always

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