Listening to the Sky

I started my day not at all productively, by playing the stupidly addictive 2048 puzzle for an hour. I tried to redeem my morning my responsibly taking out the compost, but to no avail. In the end my greatest accomplishment of the day was harvesting 20 pounds of lemons and tangerines, artichokes for dinner, a pie full of rhubarb, and the season’s first raspberry from the garden, although I also went on a short bike ride and procrastinated a lot before writing an essay. Just kidding that seems like a relatively productive day.

I’m currently appreciating a lovely sprig of lilac in a little Pyrex vase on my desk. It smells soft and sweet like spring and is reminding me of lilacs in London and Paris a year ago:

P1080344 P1060781

I always loved the upper right corner of the right hand picture because of its rounded edge. I used it in a gallery in this Paris post. Another thing that I’m loving right now is frozen blueberries with maple syrup. I used to eat a lot of blueberries and maple syrup with a little plain yogurt at my great grandma’s house in Montreal. She had big baskets of frozen blueberries from the farmer’s market in her freezer in the basement, which had that really nice basement smell. I’d go down with a bowl and open the freezer, breathing in the berry smell before scooping out a bowl full of them, listening to the satisfying clink sound they made when they rolled around in the bowl. The sound and smell of her frozen blueberries are different than ones you can buy in grocery stores, but I’ve been enjoying my own blueberries anyway.

That was super off topic because I was actually going to finish the third sentence there “Another thing that I’m loving right now is my coordination of my apps and wallpaper on my phone” so now I’ll get back to that. I love putting things in rainbow order. It makes me really happy. When I was younger I would take out colored pencils when I was stressed and organize them over and over to calm myself down. Yeah that’s a little weird but check out the coolness that happened because of it:


Ok none of the above was actually on topic where the gallery is concerned, so I’ll get to that. One week ago I left my 29 new teen peacemaker brothers and sisters. I spend the next couple days seeing friends, experiencing 80 degree sunshine, a small rainstorm, and snow back to back, going on walks and a bike ride, and making cool things with cut up magazines. Remembering themes from the Just Peace Summit, I cut out letters and made stop animation vines saying “you matter” and “peace is possible.” We lay in the grass and listened to the sky. We looked to the stars but the moon was full, a joy in and of itself! I climbed lots of trees. It was a beautiful few days and I’m so grateful that I was able to have some quiet before the next storm- state science fair is in one week!



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