Just Peace

Right now I’m in New York City, and I was just in Vermont- it was so beautiful! The snow was just melting and the weather was lovely. I’ve had lots of exciting things happen recently, including winning my county science fair, getting chosen to compete in the Intel international fair, being accepted to and revisiting two schools, and eventually ending up in NYC where I am now to attend the Three Dot Dash annual Just Peace Summit as a Global Teen Leader (GTL). I had a few days to explore here before the summit, which we spent walking, eating, people watching, and doing photography.

To prepare for the summit, all the GTLs were instructed to read Just Peace by Mattie JT Stepanek. Mattie was an incredible boy and peacemaker. I’ve been inspired by his simple but strong message of peace and powerful way with words. Reading the collection his poetry, essays and emails has made me reconsider how I approach the world. In the midst of an exciting time and in the middle of a big city, I’m finding that inner peace is essential. Unlike in Vermont or rural California where I can find respite in the woods, now I need to find peace inside myself.

I’m so excited for this week of meeting the other Global Teen Leaders, hearing about their projects, and expanding my own!




3 thoughts on “Just Peace

  1. A quote I like: “First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others,” from Thomas à Kempis, a medieval monk (1380–1471). I like the reflecting pool shot as a metaphor of this inner/outer. (And proud to make the cut!) I don’t think it’s just a question of “peaceful place” though – there are plenty of times in our pastoral home where I lose peace… and times in Tokyo chaos I find it… I think it’s a question of taking ownership: Who am I choosing to be? Or if not total choice, at least: Which version of myself am I choosing to be?

  2. I love the quote that Josh uses above. You are looking for and thinking about what peace means to you. I know you will find it everywhere you go.
    Love you

  3. I think peace is a center. It is that point that we explore from and return back. Peace is the trailhead to all trails. I do not think of peace as a closed book, or a script or an empty hall. Peace may not be peaceful and it may not be quiet. Peace is a connection and a trust and belief in forever.

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