Woods Time

On Wednesday I was up at Bodo’s again, and I made some progress on the blade of my knife. As we drove up into the hills in his truck, we passed the huge rolling fields full of birdsong and cows with the morning light on them and it was so pretty so we stopped and got out to watch. Watching the cows slowly turn their heads to look at us, I thought of a book that I read recently called The Signature of All Things. It discusses the concept that there are different scales of time for various aspects of the world- geological time, human time, and also moss time. I wondered what time the cows were on, watching the sun rise above the hills, slowly going about their day, and chewing grass until the sun sets back down below the horizon.

Human time moves so rapidly, and has become faster with the advancement of technology. No need to spend hours making one’s own knife when you could just go to the store and get one in a fraction of the time. No reason to learn how to build shelter when you have roofs all around. No need to hand write letters when most of your friends and family are just an email or text message away. I love spending time at Bodo’s because all this falls away. Without the distractions of our modern world, one can focus on small, deliberate tasks in an almost zen way.

Pull back bowstring, release arrow, repeat. Only the sounds of the forest and the twang of the bows surround.

Pump the bellows, heat the steel, hammer the blade, repeat. Just the ringing of metal against metal and the breath of the fire can be heard.


One thought on “Woods Time

  1. I too read the Signature of all Things. Your thoughts regarding technology, the world and how fast it spins help to slow it down a bit. Take a breath and look around.

    thank you, love you

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