Feeling Tangerine

Today it felt like summer! I went out to the garden and picked tangerines off the tree and turned the garden beds so we can plant peas tomorrow. My chickens can tell that the weather has changed too- they’ve started laying again and now we’re back to getting almost 3 dozen eggs a week! The wisteria was humming with bees today, it makes the whole backyard thick with the sound, but the nice breeze was enough to keep the heat to a pretty comfortable temperature. But after a morning of homework I decided it was time for something refreshing so I made lemonade popsicles, which were fantastically cool and delicious.

In just 100 days I’ll back in Vermont! I feel like the year is almost over, but also it seems like it just started. Hopefully during the next few busy months I’ll be able to find moments to let time slow down a bit. Sometimes its nice for days to go by quickly, but the problem is then the good things go by fast too. You can’t be choosy with time. It seems like just the other day the second flock of chickens were little puffs of cheeping and feathers running around on the lawn. Watching them run into each other and discover things like cobwebs and earthworms makes you want them to stay little babies forever. Once the chicks reach a certain age they start to lose their cuteness and you just want them to hurry up and start laying already! But you can’t slow some parts and rush the others. Time moves at its own pace. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me. How lovely that there’s always tomorrow!


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