Signs of Spring

I don’t care what the calender says- I’ve officially decided it’s spring. Time to wear brighter colors, start planting the garden, and watch the apple trees blossom! It’s also a really busy time of year because of state science fair coming up, and I also have a lot of domestic traveling. Last year around this time I was looking forward to a Europe trip- England, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Portugal. It was a fantastic trip and an important time of growth for my photography skills right after I got my new lens. I especially loved the light in Lisbon and the food in Paris. I’m glad to stay closer to home this time though.

Spring would absolutely be my favorite season if summer wasn’t so great. Lets say its a close second. I love how everything smells. The wisteria has just started to really bloom outside my bedroom window, so yesterday I got to enjoy its sweet perfume while I did my homework. On warm days you can smell it all around the house. I’m excited to plant peas and carrots and beets in my freshly filled garden beds as well, and after being trimmed back a little while ago, the raspberry canes are shooting up green as ever. Maybe we’ll get some raspberries soon.

The fields of yellow flowers that are growing up around the blossoming apple trees remind me of fields of the same flowers in Italy a few years ago (’10). I think it’s cool that the same spring landscapes seen in Italy can be visited here.


I hope you’ll be able to start looking forward to spring, if not experience it already. Next time you see a field of flowers, try having a photo shoot in it! Have a lovely week!


One thought on “Signs of Spring

  1. Just 5 miles down the road and your spring is so much further ahead! But, I can enjoy your sights and smells and then experience ours as well.

    I love your pictures of the day, the path to infinity, the blossoms. So lovely!
    thank you

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