Science of Discovery

Busy busy busy finishing everything up for county science fair next weekend. No time to shoot or write. It’s so much harder to write a report and do research on less researched topics and unanswered questions than it is to just do homework assignments. That’s the difference between science and memorization- in most science classes we just memorize and become comfortable with concepts, laws and theories that have already been discovered. Independent research is much more challenging and uncertain because no one has laid out the path for you, you have to make it yourself. But it’s worth it in the end.

Welcoming the rain once again!


One thought on “Science of Discovery

  1. Going down a path for the first time can be amazing and wonderful, also a bit scary. But, if you are prepared in your mind, thought and heart for the big unknown, you will find the way and, then you can lead all those others! I know you have it and can do it.

    Love you

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