I Love the Whole World!

It’s been grey and drizzly week but I’m really enjoying the rain. Valentine’s day is coming up so we were crafting like crazy making some adorable gifts. Tiny bottles of “love” in walnut shells, map covered matchboxes filled with hearts, and miniature jars of rainbow sprinkles. I’m participating in Aunt Peaches’ valentine exchange so we sent them off last week to people all over the United States.

Valentine’s day is a pretty consumerist holiday, with people exchanging store bought candies, flowers, mass produced cards- Americans spend nearly $19 billion dollars each year leading up to it. Despite this, I think that having a day dedicated to love is a beautiful idea. How can we have our Valentine’s day be more about love and friendship and less about buying and consuming?

This Valentine’s day instead of buying things, I’m going to do something simple like make tea for my family or go for a walk with my friends. What about the rest of the world? Can I use this day to send love to other people as well? Everyone loves know that they are loved. Lets reach out not just to our friends and loved ones, but to the whole world around us. Just a few friendly smiles passing by on the street or a good attitude can improve someone’s day.

In fact, I don’t think it has to be limited to expressing love for people. This Friday, rain or shine, we can all try to love life and everything in the world a little bit more.


2 thoughts on “I Love the Whole World!

  1. I’m with you on the Valentines. We lose the spirit of it in buying crap and exchanging schmaltzy cards made by Hallmark. I saw one the other week (half off now) that featured a poems rhyming “caress” with “simpless.”

    Hope you got some good valentines in the exchange 🙂

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