The Art Factory

You know those places that just inspire you to create as soon as you walk in the door? Well, The Art Factory is one of them. I have many fond memories of sitting inside on one of the high stools in the middle of the checked floor, quietly painting or drawing until a knock came on the yellow dutch door (our parents), and I always thought, “Gosh where has the time gone!?” My favorite days were the rainy ones, because there’s a certain blanket of quiet that comes with a soft rain, closing off homes and buildings from the outside world in a cloak of grey blue pitter-patters. Always there was the positive atmosphere and the abundance of materials all organized and right at my fingertips. I remember going outside barefoot onto the paint splattered deck to wash brushes and pallets and jars, and looking out into the quiet redwoods. But most of all I just remember how lovely it was to be there.

I’ve been going to The Art Factory classes for years, but I’m so busy now that I’ve had to take a break. Yesterday we visited the studio for a little afternoon crafting for Valentine’s Day (more on that next week). I was overwhelmed because there were so many things I wanted to do! I had valentines and envelopes to make, letters to write, my book project to work on (more on that in a second), colored papers to paw through, not to mention the urge to photograph everything! Luckily I was able to both shoot everything and get some actual projects done. Although it wasn’t raining while we were there, we’ve been lucky enough to have a bit of a drizzle on and off for the past few days, which I am very grateful for.

Last weekend I started a new project with a gorgeous old Reader’s Digest. I’m turning it in to a new journal with text as background. I like it because there are so many pages, so if I make one I don’t like it’s okay. Sometimes I can’t find something in the book so when I flip to the right page again it’s an exciting discovery! I might glue some pages together and carve them out, we’ll see.

More on my Valentine’s Day crafting next week. Have a lovely time making art, and enjoy the rain! (or snow, or sun)


2 thoughts on “The Art Factory

  1. Yes, the art factory is such a lovely place to go to. I have lots of good memories of going there (and some of them include you) and I am still making those memories. The Valentine’s Day crafts and the book project sound like fun! 🙂

  2. I too remember your enjoyment at the Art Factory. I have picked you up from there and heard about all the fun you had letting those creative juices flow. Your pics tell stories. Thanks for lovely memories.
    Love you

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