Living Passionately

The days have been flying by lately. I feel like the week just started but it’s already Sunday!

Time passes like a sunrise- at first the sky slowly begins to glow and blush. A trickle of warmth leaks through a crack in the horizon. Drip, drip, drips… and then all at once the golden light is spilling over the lip of the hill in torrents of color and splashing into the valley. It rushes past the cottages and bushes alight with morning flames, and through rows upon rows of apple trees, kissing the sleepy ground awake. After surging up the hill it pierces through my window, coaxing me out of bed. And before I know it, the flames are quiet and the flood of light has dissipated into the earth and sky, which is now a bright, bright blue that says “life is as fast as a sunrise. So live passionately. Hold nothing back.”

To me, living passionately means being eager and open, making others feel loved and adding color to the world around you. If anyone is good at living passionately, my fantastic friends certainly are. I was lucky enough to spend a recent afternoon with these two for a hike in the hills, ice cream, and a gorgeous photoshoot (we missed you Ocean!).

We don’t get to see each other very often so when we all get together, we try to really enjoy the time we have. It’s not that we cram in everything we want to do. I feel like we’re just all more in the moment. There’s no need to be doing something or going somewhere, it’s just fun to all be together and supportive of each other, living passionately.

I think that not seeing each other very often is actually a big part of our friendship, because despite all our time spent apart, we’re all really close friends. The same thing goes for our differences. All four of us have diverse passions- swimming, rowing, drawing, painting, math, science, dance, animals, fashion, outdoors.. and yet we still find lots in common!

Thank you to ALL my wonderful friends for being in my life. I can’t express how grateful I am to know you.

Friends, readers, what does living passionately mean to you? How can you have more of that in your life and friendships?


8 thoughts on “Living Passionately

  1. Thank you so much, Emma! I am so very grateful, too, to have you in my life. I love your ambition and passion and thank you for helping me start HBC. Living passionately to me means to do what you love most and go on adventures and love your life.

  2. This is awesome, Emma! See my profile photo? 😛

    I strive to live passionately, in every way. I bang my way threw life, constantly trying new daring feats and getting hurt, throwing myself at every new oppstical with enthusiasm, getting dirty, getting wet, not caring if they think I’m crazy, trying to learn and understand, wondering about everything, stomping on normality, and making an enormously amount of noise along the way. That, for me, is living passionately.

    Thank you, Emma! I am so lucky to have you in my life:)


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