I can’t write at all right now. Honestly. I wrote a whole post with the name “The Sound of Silence” and then I deleted it because it really just wasn’t working for me, and now I don’t know what to do. Usually when I’m having a hard time with something I make lists. It helps me focus. Checking things off lists is really satisfying. In fact, I have a whole journal just for lists. This is a list of some of the lists in my journal of lists:

  • Fears
  • Things that should be real
  • International places I want to travel
  • Christmas cookies
  • My favorite holiday things
  • Words that I pronounce wrong
  • Things I wish I did every day
  • (Only some of the) Things that make me happy
  • Lists to make
  • News
  • To do list
  • Another to do list
  • Yet another (unfinished) to do list
  • Another to do list
  • Practical things I suck at
  • Habits to break
  • Habits to make
  • Things I want in the new year
  • Things I don’t want in the new year

You’re probably wondering why this post is called Positivity because so far it should be called Sorry This Is Not Actually a Post it’s Just a List. Or… How to Fill up a Journal 101. Or… Writer’s Block or Frustration. Or… See I Told You Not to Procrastinate. Or… something along those lines. Well I’m getting to the positivity bit. Wait a sec. It had to do with the last two lists on that list, Things I want in the new year and Things I don’t. I thought maybe I’d share those:

Things I want in the new year:

  • To work hard on fixing my handwriting
  • To keep journaling
  • To get better at this blogging thing (almost a year and a half so far and I’m absolutely not done trying to improve)
  • To work more efficiently
  • To learn how to be a better photographer
  • To learn how to improve my compost pile (I’m serious)
  • To wash dishes more often (still serious. I actually like it)
  • To be nicer to my brother
  • That means being more patient with myself
  • And other people
  • And the compost pile
  • And also the chickens… but I’d like to get them to get along better
  • To try being vegetarian some time (maybe it’ll make the chickens happy)
  • To climb trees more often
  • To go on more walks at sundown
  • To be barefoot more often
  • To drink a LOT more water
  • To keep saving the rainforest and orangutans
  • To eat good food (but that goes without saying)
  • To make people happy
  • To be in the wilderness as much as possible
  • To drink tea more often

Things I don’t want in the new year:

  • Actually since this is called Positivity I’ve decided I’m just going to stick with the positive list
  • And for the same reason I’ll re-state one of the things from that list:
  • Positivity

2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. I empathize and am a list maker. One of the best things about lists is striking off a done item! Yes, sometimes lists make more lists, or subdivisions of lists. Then there can be more done, accomplished from those lists. How could we organize without lists??????

    Love you

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