String Theory

I spent the past week exploring exciting options for my relatively near future. Among other wonderful places, my adventure took me back to Vermont with its wild green forests and cow-scattered pastures. While I was there I visited an old spinnery where I got to witness the magical transformation of wool- from scattered clouds to cozy, organically beautiful creations. The machinery at the Green Mountain Spinnery is decades old, but it does its job well. As the large mass of wool goes through the machines, it becomes more and more refined until at last it can be spun into a fine yarn and wound around a spool, and eventually made into scarves and sweaters.

So far, the process of visiting schools has been a bit like this process of refining the wool. With each culture I delve into to explore the pros and cons of, my goal and perception of myself becomes clearer. By exploring various different cultures that all fulfill some of my wants and needs I’ve been able to clarify what my priorities and main goals are. In addition, I’ve gotten practice sharing my hopes and learning how to articulate and present my whole self. Before this experience my world was ever changing and floating like a cloud of fresh wool, and it is only now that I am beginning to visualize a world where I can begin to spin my life into string.


One thought on “String Theory

  1. this is one of the dearest and clearest pieces you have ever written. Criquet… your words sing. Your vision is guided. Where we once spoke of planting thoughts in people’s mind, you are now painting with texture, with lyric, and yes… with color too.

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