We’re the Solution

This past week has been a flurry of presentations and workshops, getting from one place to another with tangles of camera and mic equipment, computers, and workshop materials. Every time I present I get better and better. Seeing the kids fill up with energy and purpose from hearing me speak refuels me. I had the opportunity to have a roundtable discussion with some middle schoolers at one of the schools I presented at, and I was so impressed with how thoughtful and ready for action they were. We discussed the questions: How responsible are we as individuals and consumers for the destruction and survival of the rainforest? And what can we do about it? Everyone expressed the idea that we need to connect, we need to raise our voices together to make a positive difference for our planet. If we work alone we may not be noticed but together we can have a significant impact. I want to be a person who goes around the world speaking for the rainforest and calling all the kids to action. I want to bring us together as a whole so we can take a stand for change together.

Visit my website or Facebook page if you want to learn more about my project, Jungleheroes.

Now for a few days of “vacation” in Bali!


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