No Time in Tokyo

This post had been sitting here, unpublished, unwritten, the pictures becoming more and more desperate with each passing day. The reason for this is that I am currently a full time student AND blogger/traveler/photographer AND young changemaker/founder of a growing nonprofit, with 14 impending speaking engagements. Although this does not really leave any time for hanging out here in Japan, I’ve still managed to do some cool stuff.

For the first few days I went for walks early in the morning and then got breakfast, which is really cool we go to this place where you buy a ticket from a vending machine and then give the ticket to the kitchen. I went to a food fair contest where there were 3 blocks of food carts lining the streets. We got tickets and got to choose which stalls to use them at. I got a pancake, and a roasted yam, and rice ball flavored with plum, and another rice ball with mushroom and daikon, and persimmon ice cream. For dinner we’ve been going to yakiniku or yakitori places (grilled meat). We went to this tiny little yakitori family business, the grandpa and grandma and mom and dad and two sons were all working. It’s always smoky in yakitori places. Everything tastes smoky too, in a fabulous way. There’s another restaurant we call the yamagobo place (mountain root) because they serve delicious burdock root french fries and you squeeze lemon on them, and on top there is a fried stem of rice, all the little rice grains puffed up like popcorn. I had really good sashimi there, including jellyfish, which was tasteless and crunchy, kind of like hard grapefruit. Per tradition, we visited Tokyo Disney on Monday, but this time we went to Disney Sea instead. I love people watching there. Groups of girls all come dressed up like Minnie Mouse, people walk around with crazy character hats, it’s quite a scene. I had my first of this set of presentations yesterday, it went very well. My next one is on Monday.

Right now I’m in a hotel at the base of Fujisan. We’re just here for the night, but I’m excited to get some good photos tomorrow morning. Sorry for such a late post, I’ll try to be more punctual with the next one.


6 thoughts on “No Time in Tokyo

  1. I have fond memories of yakitori in Tokyo. As you describe these places, I can’t help but consider the health implications of working in such a place. Disney Sea …. what a wonderful idea. Maybe it is time for me to return.

    Thank you Criquet – as always, you make me smile

  2. Not sure about the jelly fish, but other food experiences sound pretty exciting.

    Wish I could hear one of your presentations.

    Love all the pics.
    Love you

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