I am

Who am I?

I’m Emma, a passionate young-changemaker, conservationist, photographer, writer, leader, and adventurer. I love bright colors, wilderness, funky designs, hard work, good writing, close friendships, and engaging learning. This blog has been a journey, as many are. It started as an assignment from a good science mentor and friend to his student to keep a lab notebook, and has developed to a place where I can share some of the beauty and excitement I find in my everyday life. I used to resist writing, as a perfectionist and critical editor. Now I’m much more comfortable and I’m learning to embrace my own voice…

Writing is a way to explore and reflect on what is going on in our lives. It is a journey along an ancient and winding trail through mountainous wilderness, and I, a wanderer, am learning how to accept my way of travel and becoming faster and stronger with each passing day. As I wander I like to keep things with me to remind me of promises, memories, secrets, experiences, gifts, travels, adventures..

My journals are spaces for me to create and record my thoughts and reflections. Trail maps of the wilderness, and as I travel down the winding paths I am learning how to be an explorer, discovering mountains, streams, valleys: my own beliefs and ideas.

I have a journal dedicated to resounding thoughts or words and bold sharpie and soft colored drawings, and a journal for a daily freeform writing commitment of one page on any topic, and my Pioneer journal from camp this summer, a place for my quote of the day, letters, and tidbits reflecting on my personal development or the past summer. I also have one almost full of 87 wishes on 11:11 and a shooting star, and a collection of dreams in a word document so I have no excuse against recording them in detail.

My necklaces and bracelets symbolize some of my values. Some bracelets are for friendships, a circular link of never ending-time, a token of connection. Others are from travels, such as my cotton wish bracelet from a Buddhist ceremony we received upon our departure from Laos, a bit ragged from its eleven months of exciting life, reminding me to be an adventurer, curious and open. Others symbolize family, special days, summer freedom. When I was living on a small riverboat in Borneo last November I made a bracelet for myself, which now reminds me of my responsibility to raise my voice for the planet, to take action because we can’t wait.

I think a lot about how I affect other people. How the people around me feel, how my feelings affect others, how my mistakes affect people. Sometimes I worry that I am too self confident or prideful. I worry about change, although it is inevitable. The unpredictability is scary, and I want to do the best I can in my friendships and everything, but if I spend all the time analyzing possibilities I’ll forget to live in the moment. My friends sometimes tell me to “save that for the shower,” where I get to do deep thinking and worry about the future.

I’m good at empathizing with people but I have a hard time acting on my understanding, probably because of my perfectionism and the uncertainty of what the right thing to do is. It’s harder to understand people than science, and it is even harder to help people than understand them.

I’d rather accept the days as they come. It’s good to try to find perfect things in every day. What if the perfect day happened? Then there wouldn’t be a better day to look forward to. I’ve had some pretty good days in Vermont spent working with friends in the woods. “Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life” (Brian Andreas).

I don’t hate anything because I don’t think that hate is a productive thing for people to spend time and energy on. If there’s something you don’t like, I do not think hating it is a good solution. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” (Gandhi).

I’m grateful for the opportunities I have, my gifts for learning and understanding, and my passion for life.

I am a wanderer, an adventurer, I am an explorer, I am fiery, I am joyful, I am passionate, I am a young changemaker, I am a photographer, I am a leader, I am a writer.


11 thoughts on “I am

  1. Yummy. I love hearing your voice unfolding, like you’ve picked free the twisty ends of string, and finding within that knotted ball from your pocket a marvelous strand of possibility.

  2. As I knew you from the beginning, thrilled to see you take your first steps, have been privileged to watch you grow and blossom; I am so very proud of the thoughtful ways that you are finding on your path to adulthood.

    Love always

  3. You inspire me everyday Emma. I hope someday we can collaborate because all your values and traits are that of which reside in me. Love you and miss you.
    P.s. Really we should collaborate and make a difference.

    • Hey Chloe-
      Thank you! We should totally work together sometime. Maybe I’ll come do a Jungleheroes/changemaker presentation at your school someday.
      We still miss you at nbog 🙂

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