The Little Things

There were a few days here where the summer just decided to come back, but not for long, because the cool weather returned today. I don’t really know what to say about my week. It’s been an interesting one. I’m leaving to go to South East Asia in 11 days, and I’ve been noticing how fast time is going recently. It feels like just last week I started school again, but in reality I just finished midterms.

It’s like with bananas.

You get them from the store, yellow but just a bit green because you know you have one or two left in the fruit basket still…

and then..

and then, the next thing you know they’re already speckled with dark spots, becoming sweeter and more brown by the day.

Well when life gives you overripe bananas..

Yes you make banana bread.

When my mom was in labor with me she made infinite quantities of banana bread. It’s my main theory of why I love it so much. Not just a finished slice, toasted and heaped with butter (yes heaped), but I love it at every stage.. the brown sugar and butter mixture (I mean who doesn’t love sugar and butter though), the toasted walnuts, the batter before it goes into the pans…. the batter left on the bowl and spoon..

Yeah okay, I may have a little problem, but let’s not discuss that now.

The last two times we’ve walked down by the beach have been gorgeous. The first time there was a huge pod of dolphins, frolicking and jumping out of the water, the sun glinting off their sleek wet backs. Inspired by HONY (Humans of New York, look on Facebook) and feeling a little bold, I approached people sitting outside their campers and asked if I could take their pictures. I won’t go into it now because I don’t really feel like it, but I’m an introvert. I’m not sharing any of the pictures because the light was poor and they really don’t cut it, but I liked the little risk I took, small though it seems in retrospect.

It’s good to take little risks. Step outside of your comfort zone. And take some big risks too. They spice life up a bit, give you a new perspective. Those times when you’re outside of your comfort zone will pass, and in memories they will simply be more challenges you surmounted in between all those other moments, the little things of comfort.

I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, which was no big deal. I’m learning about ionic compounds in chemistry. I had to try to conduct electricity through salt and sugar.. so exciting. Today there was a group of whales by the beach, jumping out of the water just for fun, moving slowly down the shore. We just had leek soup and biscuits for dinner. Really yummy, and wintery.

Sorry this post is kind of disconnected and rambling. Speaking of rambling, one of my friends’ blog called The Ramblings is pretty cool. This is a poem she wrote that I thought was really peaceful:


There are some moments where
everything falls into place.
Every movement is right,
every motion fitting seamlessly.

I keep them in my mind,
jars of scent and touch and emotion,
and lock them in a place that only
I can reach.

When I close my eyes,
I feel the heat of the sun on my skin
or see a sky full of stars
or hear laughter from a lost

The drone of daily life
until all that is left are these moments,
strung and suspended,
each one it’s own infinity,
Perfect and untouched.


What do you think?

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