Among the Treetops

I love being in my redwood tree. At the top you can see everything, fields, orchards, and roads over the rolling hills. When I’m high up in the branches I feel so safe and connected to the tree, but at 50 feet in the air, it’s also a bit nerve wracking. Yesterday I brought a board about 3/4 of the way up and lashed it on to some branches to make a seat. I think I’ll bring an old belt up so I can fasten it around the trunk and my waist while I sit and write or reflect. I also brought an old wind chime that I fixed up, which adds to the lovely serene atmosphere. When I come down from being in the tree for a while I feel like I’m still swaying in the wind. It’s a strange sensation. Do you climb trees? Try it some time- being at the top gives you a lovely perspective on the world.


2 thoughts on “Among the Treetops

  1. Hi! Emma, Amazing, I relived my child-hood. We had Two big Nilgiri Trees and Guava Tree and some other fruit and flower trees at our back-yard, and me and my two sisters used to sit on three branches on Guava tree, our fixed places, whenever we used to play or read even eat our evening snacks on the tree. Thank you. 🙂

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