Nida Blue

Yesterday was our last day here in Nida, and I know I’m going to miss the dunes, the forest, the quaint houses, and the beach. We had another great day by the sea on Saturday, building a sandcastle and trying not to freeze our toes off in the bitingly cold, green water. I know one of the things I’ll remember most about Nida are the colors- the bright green forest, creamy white sand, red and blue houses. Especially the blue. They call it Nida blue, and you see it everywhere. The houses, boats, wimples, and even wildflowers. It’s not the blue of a clear sky on as sunny day, or the peacock blue that fills clothing stores. Even though I’ve seen it on parking signs and plastic tarps, it feels like a more old fashioned color, especially in the form of weathered paint on houses and boats. A deep, pure, Nida blue.


What do you think?

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