Wandering in Lisbon

So far, staying in Lisbon has been a really awesome adventure. We’re staying in an apartment in the old neighborhood with winding cobblestone streets and gorgeous tiled and brightly painted red-roofed buildings, in pink, blue, green, and yellow.

For breakfast every morning we’ve been having eggs, fruit, and bread with strong comté from London and a kind of firm quince marmalade which is really yummy. We spent our first full day here wandering around the old area around our apartment and then in the evening we went down by the river where there are many seafood restaurants and bridge that looks strangely similar to the Golden Gate. We had dinner at a place called the 5 Oceanos, where I ate a really delicious sea bass- salty, lemony, tender, and so fresh.

Yesterday we went on a food quest for good Portuguese egg tart pastry (called pastel de nata). On our Paris food quests, we did research beforehand and visited the top places in the city, but for this food quest we just wandered around until we found 3 different pastelarias that looked pretty good: Pastelaria Camões, Pastelaria Emenda, and A Padaria Portuguesa (a chain).

After a pastel de nata tasting in the park, we concluded that Pastelaria Camões had the best ones. But wait, the quest is not over yet! Today we will visit some of the so called best pastelarias in Lisbon to continue our search.

For lunch yesterday we went to a lovely café right around the corner from our apartment called Bebel Bistro. The atmosphere was charming with a bookshelf filled with old books and knick-knacks lining the walls, and lace doilies with old stamps on the tables. I had a juicy rabbit burger, followed by a delicious tarte tatin.

In 1755 Lisbon was hit by a devastating earthquake, tsunami, and then fire, which wiped out pretty much all buildings and about 90,000 people. Only a few medieval buildings remain. We happened to stumble upon one of them, the skeleton and walls of a large church (now a museum), displaying other ancient artifacts. It was incredible to see that the skeletal arches still stand, representing the power in that shape.

Anyway, we’re off to do some more exploring now!


6 thoughts on “Wandering in Lisbon

  1. is the quince marmalade membrillo? (actually that’s the Spanish name–prob different in Portuguese). Anyway, you can make it with the quinces from Janet’s tree!

  2. Cool! There is a very yummy Portuguese pastry that I’ve had before. It sounds something like cajada, but I’m not sure how to spell it. It’s kind of like a custard.

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