Kew Gardens

On Monday we went to Kew Garden. It was a bit chilly but when the sun peeked out once in a while it was lovely. The garden is incredible, with it’s hundreds of majestic, old trees, surrounded by vast, lush, green lawns which are interrupted by the occasional bed of flowers, greenhouse, or hedge lined pathway.

We visited the palm house conservatory, and stepping in from the cold air outside, it felt like I had returned to Borneo. I don’t think the plants felt that way though. It was basically a demonstration of what would happen if you took a bunch of plants from different places around the world and planted them in a giant glass jar.

There were lovely blossoming cherry trees, which created a gorgeous place for a photo shoot. In another greenhouse I got to see these giant lily pads, which made me think of folk tales where children use huge lily pads as boats.

We had lunch there and then headed back to do some school just in time to avoid the inevitable afternoon rain.

Yesterday we did school in the morning and then after lunch and a brief trip to the V&A, I got to have a lovely time shopping at UNIQLO for the afternoon. When we finally finished we stopped by a “100% spelt” cafe in Richmond upon Thames for tea and some delicious churro-ey donuts. They were different that regular donuts- eggier, and moist like a popover or churro, and they were rolled in cinnamon sugar. I love churros, and I love donuts. I think that (if you count it as one) it was the best churro I’ve ever had!

I’m really excited because today we’re going to see Wicked! I’ll let you know how it is tomorrow!


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