The V&A Museum

We are now in London. Well, actually we’re staying in Richmond upon Thames, a pretty small town with beautiful views of river and flowery meadows, and also some good restaurants further in to town. We’ve definitely been more relaxed here than in Paris- We’re only walking 5 miles a day as opposed to the 10+ we were walking there. The weather is so strange, it rains every afternoon even if it’s sunny out, and it’s windy all day. It’s mostly cold except when the sun finally shows itself from behind the clouds for a few minutes. As a result, we’ve only been going out to one place in the morning, having lunch out, and then coming back in the afternoon to do school and blogging. We’ve been going out in town for dinner. The day we arrived here we got fish and chips and mushy peas, which were really good. Well, the fish and chips were.. I’m not sure about the mushy peas. I mean, would you want to eat something with mushy in it’s name? It’s kind of like things with delight in the name. Besides Turkish delight, I wouldn’t eat anything else with that word in it, unless it looked really good. Veggie delight.. seafood delight… you get the idea.

I don’t even remember what I was writing about. Well, on the first full day we were here we went to the Victoria and Albert museum and saw the costumes and theater, hidden treasures (jewelry over time), and fashion exhibits. I really liked seeing the costumes and models of stage sets, and also the fashion over time. It was like the dresses from illustrations and my imagination were coming to life from Gone With the Wind and Jane Austen’s books. It was interesting to see how fashion has changed over time, and I wonder how it will change in the future.

In between looking at exhibits, we stopped to get lunch and a scone at the museum café. I had a delicious steak and vegetable pot pie. When we finally got back to Richmond upon Thames, it was raining so we stopped for tea and cake. Instead of all the chocolate shop and bakery tastings we did in Paris, we have tea time.


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