Adventures in Paris

Jet lagged, but having a great time in Paris so far. After getting off the plane yesterday, we had a terrible lunch because we were too hungry to find a good place to eat (really silly of us). To make up for it, we walked up Montmartre from our tiny apartment and visited a charming little cookie shop. Then, after admiring inside the church, we ate cookies in a little park outside the Sacre Coeur with a view of the city and the Eiffel Tower.

As we were walking down the mountain, we noticed that many people who passed were carrying baguettes from a nearby bakery. We stopped by to get one and it was so delicious, right out of the oven, that we ate the whole thing standing right there on the sidewalk (this would be so unacceptable in Japan!) and then went back and got another one. For dinner we bought a rotisserie chicken, delicious fritz, chevre, and avocado and ate them with the fresh baguette in our apartment. It ended up being a delicious day.

Today we had walnut bread with chevre and jam, and a palmier with tea for breakfast in our apartment. We hopped on the metro and headed over to the Notre Dame. We got there early to climb the tower with no line. The staircases wound around and around, seeming infinite. Climbing them reminded me of climbing the Duomo in Florence. I learned that not all gargoyles are really what they seem, only the ones that function as drainage are truly gargoyles, and the rest are chimeras. Being at the top of the Notre Dame was awesome because we had a view of the whole city, and as we watched, a huge cavalry parade went passed on the street below.

I forgot my spare camera battery at our apartment, so I couldn’t take any more pictures by the time we got to lunch. We went to a really delicious place where I mostly ate amazing bread, butter, cheese, and charcuterie, and a little veal stew and roast chicken. We went to a delicious bakery after lunch and then headed to the Orsay where we got to see the works of many impressionists including Monet, Degas, and Manet, and also some incredible pieces by Van Gogh.

What a great day! More tomorrow (this time I’ll bring my backup battery!)


9 thoughts on “Adventures in Paris

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Emma! I hope this is a great year for you! I really love reading your descriptions of Paris, it brings back wonderful memories for me. You’ve become such a talented writer, I can’t wait for the next installment. Amuse-toi bien! Grosses bises à toute la famille.

  2. Poilane special special ! an institution! Oh Emma ,J’adore the photos and text! So delightful . You have to fgo to the jewish section and eat falafel seriously… the best falafel I have ever that part of Paris very interesting …. like the rest of Paris I suppose. The air looks so think…drink alot of water…loves

  3. Your first Paris visit and I am sure not your last. I can almost smell the bauguette straight out of the oven! Love sharing your adventures through your camera eye. and mouthwatering descriptions!
    Love you

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