I could tell you a really complicated story involving rules of Google Science Fair… copyrights, opensource images… hatchets.. felled trees…

I will spare you.

To make a long story short, for my Google Science Fair movie, I had to use only content that I had created, but I need a world map, so I made my own.


I printed out a silhouette of a world map from the internet and used a ruler to make a grid on the map. Then I made a grid on watercolor paper to scale with the other grid. I used the boxes to help estimate where everything should go.


I carefully erased the grid and painted the landmasses with watercolor, and when that had dried I did the water.


Now I have my own watercolored world map! Very useful for movies.





I’m going to Europe day after tomorrow by the way- Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Nida (Lithuania), and Bologna. Expect lots of exciting posts coming soon.


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