More Fusion Ties and Knots


Interestingly, my post about knots and fusion ties that I published during the county science fair two months ago has become the most popular post on my blog so I decided to give an update on how bracelet making is going these days.


I got some new colors of paracord, actually multicolored cord. I got the new colors from here, but the plain ones were a different amazon product. The multicolored ones contrast nicely with the solid color cords, especially in ties where there is a partially revealed middle cord, like the feather bar.


I made a style I haven’t tried before called a bricked chain (I think) for one of my teachers. It looks really good with the red and blue solid colors and the bucky blue multicolor cord.


This is a cool stitched-style bracelet, the multicolor cord is called peacock! I’m trying to get really good at making some of the ties from memory so I can do them at camp this summer. If this post is popular, maybe I’ll do a tutorial on some ties.


For my birthday coming up, I got a new lens for my camera which is amazing! These pictures are all using it. Pretty stoked about that.


I use 550 lb cord but I think using a lighter weight might be better. I can’t find any in good colors on amazon though. Some bracelets made with 550 can be bulky. I have a paracord bracelet, a bracelet I made on the river in Borneo, two blessing bracelets from our trip to Lao in November, and a bracelet from my friend last summer on right now.


What do you think?

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