My Mail


As you may have gathered from my other post about it, I love washi tape! It’s great for wrapping Zoku pops, crafting with, decorating invitations.. so many uses! I even have a whole pin board devoted to it.

One thing of the coolest things to use washi tape for though, is decorating envelopes!



Anyway, I have a two friends who I only see a few months a year. Though this year I we have not corresponded through “snail mail” much, I thought that since summer is approaching and I’m going to see them soon I should them some really awesome letters!


I don’t just send regular sized mail, I do tiny mail too : )


This is really the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen right? I lined the tiny box (about 1 1/4″ by 2″) with tiny newspaper. The newspaper really has stories and everything. I love it! Inside the box go the tiny letters, all with appropriately small postage and a little seal on the back of the envelope. I included a clear dragon’s tear to act as a magnifying glass.


Brown paper packages tied up with string…….

Totally one of my favorite things!

In case you want to get your own, here is where I got my tiny mail kit!

Have a ton of fun sending and receiving tiny mail!


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