I love succulents! We have lots of pots of them on the back patio.


I think they look like sea creatures, especially when they flower.


One of the coolest things about succulents is that you can take the baby succulents (shoots) off the main one and after letting them scar up for a few days you can plant them in another pot!


Every once in a while we pick up a new type of succulent from the nursery to add to our collection.


Now we have 50 little succulent gardens in all shapes and sizes.


Many of the succulents are flowering now.


Besides being super fun to collect, and a pretty addition to your patio, succulents are so easy to take care of! We only water ours every once in a while, mostly in the summer. We have really mild weather here all year around but if you live somewhere with extremely cold weather I think the succulents would do better as house plants.


Have fun putting together a succulent garden collection!


2 thoughts on “Succulents

  1. Looking good girlfriend! Yes, I too think of them as little friends. Some of them have faces, personalities and I love the ease of expanding them. I missed your visit this year to compare our succulent pots!

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