Spring Has Sprung!


The other day we got a big surprise to find our artichoke plant finally bearing artichokes, and big ones at that. We also noticed that the fruit trees- avocado, cherry, apricot, plum, nectarine, apple, crab apple- are finally going to grow fruit for us this year (if the birds don’t get it first)! We planted them three years ago and they are just now old enough to have enough fruit to be worth it. Personally I’m really excited about the nectarines and cherries. We always have a massive harvest raspberries too. I’ll get out to the garden some time soon to show some pictures of the soon-to-be harvest!


Speaking of berries, our wonderful friends have a farm, and in addition to their delicious dry farm tomatoes, they grow fantastic strawberries. They’re not the kind of jumbo strawberries that you get at the grocery store which are white all the way through except for the skin.


These strawberries are local, organic, and they taste like summer. Each one is sun-kissed and juicy, no matter which one you pick. Trust me. We picked up a flat of berries this afternoon, and I’ve eaten so many I should burst.

“Emma, you’re turning strawberry colored!”

Ok fine. That doesn’t really work.

Well, strawberry colored or not, I am definitely loving the first *really* good berries I’ve had since last summer!




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