More LA Food


We went to a few other great restaurants besides Church & State. Two of them were a gorgeous pattiserie called Bottega Louie and a really good diner at the LA farmers marked called Short Order.


Short Order serves burgers, salads, sandwiches, and shakes. We got some burgers, pickle chips, and an amazing BLT.


The most amazing BLT ever. You should come here just to get it. The only think that could have made the burgers and BLT better would have been to have really good dry farm tomatoes. Maybe we have to come back in tomato season. The pickle chips were delicious and flavorful, not for people who don’t like pickles! They could have been a tiny bit more thinly sliced to have a better ratio of crispy outside to juicy pickle inside.


Bottega Louie is beautiful, with macaron towers, cases of fresh pastries, and quaintly packaged treats like these pretzels.


We got there just after breakfast service ended so we just got treats from the counter. There were so many things to choose from.


We ended up choosing rose and salted caramel. The rose one was good, but the caramel one was fantastic. My favorite thing though, was the beignet!




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