How To Wrap Zoku Popsicles



I love Zoku popsicles, but when I make them, there’s always that problem of the leftovers. How should you store them? I came up with a cute and easy way to wrap the popsicles in parchment and use washi tape for flavor-identification.


For each popsicle you will need a 12″ by 5 1/2″ piece of baker’s parchment, and a small piece of washi (or other) tape, in a color that reflects the flavor of the popsicle.


Lay the popsicle perpendicular to the parchment, about 1 inch from the top


Fold the top over..


Fold the right side over again, at an angle..


And then fold the whole right side over to the left, making sure to not move the popsicle.


Then fold the bottom left up at an angle..


And the top left down at an angle..


And then fold the whole left side over to the right.


Flip the popsicle over, and get your washi tape ready.


And then fold the remaining flap of parchment over and stick it down with the tape. These will keep in the freezer without getting freezer burned for about a week, depending on the flavor. I’ve found they last much better this way then just stuck in the freezer, and they’re a lot cuter too!

Have fun wrapping with washi!

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