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Now we’re in Khaolak, Thailand a little North of Phuket. It’s gorgeous here, right on the beach! We’ve been enjoying delicious green curry, freshly caught fish, and mango sticky rice.


8 thoughts on “Khaolak

  1. Plumeria…. is my favorite. I dearly love this flower. As you may know, this flower can be worn above either ear… and..if you are married, it goes over one ear..single… the other…. make sure you do this right !!!

    mostly… enjoy the gentler fragrance

    do they have both the yellow and pink variety?

    wonderful seeing Em …. I am talking about the composition of your photos….yummmmm!!!!!!!!

    • We have talked about Plumeria while discussing synesthesia- “Most people make connections between sensations, like the smell of a plumaria flower and an emotion, like the joy of walking off a plane in Hawaii. Synesthesia is a pairing between 2 thoughts or senses, like taste and color, or symbols and color, or when Shakespeare compared Juliet to the Sun. A synesthete sees, or feels, or senses a thing in multiple ways.” (you)
      They only had the yellow variety I think.. but I like the pink one a lot too. Someone there called it the international flower. Makes a little sense, because it seems to be in every tropical place I’ve ever been to. Not quite international but close.
      -Emma {:()}

    • Sometimes I listen to Taylor Swift. But I have only heard a few songs from that album..
      What do you think about that Ted talk about forest re-introduction? He has about 7.7 miles^2… Imagine what it would take for our imaginary 500 miles^2..
      -Emma {:()}

    • Hi Claire!
      Thanks! I’m coming back on December 12, in 3 weeks!
      I’ve already been gone 7 weeks!
      We’re in Singapore right now mostly doing school and I’ve been presenting (that’s why I haven’t posted recently…) After here my mom and I are going to Borneo and then we’re all going back to Japan!
      Then home!
      See you soon!
      -Emma {:()}

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