Last Japan Temple

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Here are a couple more pictures of the last temple we visited before coming to Laos. We were exploring the temple and suddenly we noticed a procession of monks heading to the main building. We followed them and noticed that they were leading a service. There were people sitting on covered tatami mats in front of the ceremony sitting in zazen (a form of meditation.) We decided to join them. The monks did a lot of chanting and one sat in the middle of the room and lit a fire. He then let the people who were attending bring their bags to him and he held them over the fire to bless them. We didn’t get our bags blessed but we should have! On the way out there was someone selling dried fruits and pink salt at a stand. I just had to take a picture!


8 thoughts on “Last Japan Temple

    • Thanks!
      Yeah that’s a good Idea. That’s so weird… every single time I write Idea I capitalize it.. and then go back and fix it after…
      anyway, later I should do a top ten post just for flowers, or smoke, or statues, or people.
      -Emma {:()}

    • uumm… not sure
      But I’ll bring some back for you and you can figure it out. I guess probably they are…
      but it’s for food so that would be kind of eww…
      I hope they’re not alive like the salt flats…
      Yeah that sounds good I’ll bring some back for you and you tell me if it’s alive.
      -Emma {:()}

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