Swan-Boat Park

One of the cool things we did in Japan was go to an area we’ve never been to before where there are lots of little shops and a park full of street performers artists that surrounds a lake. On the lake there are swan boats and row boats which are one of the main attractions to the area. We were hoping to go to some of the fabric and craft shops but didn’t even have time because we had so much fun inside the park!

Wandering around the park we encountered an elderly painter, a clown, a puppeteer, a guitarist, and a Japanese country singer with a harmonica. There was so much entertainment!

We got lunch from a yakitori restaurant that was so smoky you could hardly see the gorgeous old posters of geishas on the far wall. All the tables were full and there was a line out the door but there was a standing bar in front of the grills or you could order to-go. I was handed a menu all in Japanese:

  • つくね
  • ガツ
  • リバ
  • ネギ

And the list goes on..

Here’s where learning Japanese really comes in handy. You don’t want to try to order chicken meatballs or grilled corn and end up with liver! Max wasn’t happy with yakitori so we went to a “Happy Pancake” place where you get a fancy fold up to go box with three perfect pancakes in it. The top two had smiley faces branded on them. It also came with wooden silverware, pure maple syrup, butter, and a hand wipe because you wouldn’t want to have dirty hands to eat your pancakes on in the park would you? We wandered back into the park and picked a bench on the side of the lake next to a man playing the harp. It was idyllic.

After enjoying pancakes and yakitori by the lakeside to the flowing notes of the harp we set off to have a ride in a swan boat. Of course, I kept stopping the boat every once in a while to take a picture of something or other.

Finally, we stopped at a soft serve stand with 37 flavors including sakura (cherry blossom,) black sesame, white peach, molasses, and many more! I chose cherry blossom. It tasted a little like almond but also a bit fruity at the same time. Hard to describe. Maybe what you would think of if you had to say what pink tasted like. We also got black sesame, vanilla, and soda just to see what it would taste like. The black sesame was fantastic- toasty and salty but also sweet.



5 thoughts on “Swan-Boat Park

    • Thanks!
      I really appreciate the comments!! I get excited every time I get notified for a new one because I love to hear what everyone has to say!! I was just going to publish a new post now!!
      -Emma {:()}

  1. I can just imagine that you & Max saw the “pause for photos” differently… ahem. Reminds me of a Japanese saying, “The other side also has another side.” 🙂
    I am so jealous that you can read the Yakitori menu so well. I am SOOO behind!

  2. liver would be a disastrous surprise in yakitori. I think I may have to begin Japanese lessons.
    Maybe Max will someday recall the day his big sister let him be responsible for the boat….. maybe

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