More Risk Taking

Today we went to the Tsukiji fish market area and explored. I bought some tsukune つくね (chicken meatball skewer) from a vendor in a jam-packed “street” full of little fish shops. The kind of street you have to put in quotation marks. It happened to be a Saturday today and Saturday means busy. We were literally pushing and being pushed by the crowd, moving through the “street” and buying things from the little shops. My brother got an ice cream cone because it is HOT in the sun during the day here.

We came upon a huge family picnic/barbeque/fundraiser/event in a large parking lot. There were many food stalls along the sides of the lot selling meat, squid, veggies, and fish – grilled, fried, boiled, baked, and everything in between. I wandered around and bought something fried in panko. Fish? Chicken? some root veggie? who knows? Now most of the time, I would pass on the unknown fried thing until someone else tried it. This time, I dove in and took a big bite. It was delicious and the man selling it gave me a little packet of terriyaki sauce like the kind you get ketchup or soy sauce in. I’m really glad I went ahead and tried it even though it was a bit risky!

Other families were sitting at picnic tables and grilling fish they had just bought at the market on little portable Japanese grills. Many people ate the food from the vendors and the vendors shouted out in Japanese at everyone who walked by. I can’t say I understood, but they were probably shouting, “Come buy yakitori! Fresh hot yakitori!” and “Delicious barbecue squid! Terriyaki squid on a stick!!” and “Fried fish! Fried fish! Buy your fried fish here! Only 100 yen!” You get the picture.

Looking forward to tomorrow in Yoyogi Park!


7 thoughts on “More Risk Taking

  1. Dear Emma,
    How did the crowded market compare to India? Did it feel similar in some ways?
    I love your Kyoto pics and look forward to seeing and reading more from your travels.

  2. Risk taking !!! So, trying new things can sometimes produce an amazing surprise 🙂

    I think there is a really amazing place in Tokyo that sells electronics – the Akihabara.
    There is also an amazing yakitori place that is…. kind of under the train tracks. Ok, so thats not very helpful, but.. yakitori is yummmmmm

    • I will look into this Akihabara! (あきはばら)
      Yeah yakitori やきとり is soo good!!
      There is a really small yakitori place here in Tokyo with one table and a bar and one elderly man working there. We call him the yakitori man. Makes sense right? I really like bacon wrapped asparagus and tsukune (chicken meatball) yakitori!!!
      yum is right!!
      -Emma {:()}
      I will look for promising yakitori places under train tracks! 🙂

  3. All the food sounds great! You are really brave to buy something off a street in a whole other continent-especially something you had no idea what it was!!

    • I’ve had some really good street food before so I know it will probably be worth it!!
      In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we had these amazing plantains on the street that were flattened and then battered with a batter that had black sesame seeds and deep fried!!!! YUM… Those were soooo amazing.
      -Emma {:()}

  4. and.. today is Thursday, that famous almost Friday day ……

    riding my bike and wishin I was reading about far way places, and yakitori, and… Science !!!!!

    notice how cool this blog thing is ??? and .. google has found you !!!!

    • And what exactly does “google has found you mean…?”
      Wait… you commented while riding your bike???? you got some mad skills.
      Yeeeees.. I promise I will do a science -ey post soon.
      -Emma {:()}

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