Timeline for Science Project


Today I met with David and we talked about key points of my project, timeline, and the importance of keeping a science notebook. Last year I kept a digital science notebook through e-mails, and printed them all out for fair. But as an environmentalist I don’t approve the use of so much paper. We came up of the idea of using an ipad to display my science notebook, which is now this category of my blog. Here is the timeline I came up with:

  • 1/1/13 Start doing/writing background research and learn about MATLAB. Start Analysis. Start writing overview of problem, Question, and Hypothesis
  • 2/1/13 Finish analysis. Start first draft of report and abstract
  • 2/9/13 Abstract finished. Start to edit/finish report
  • 2/23/13 Report finished. Start board
  • 3/2/13 Board finished. Start preparing for talking to judges

I will be doing modeling in MATLAB. I’ve never used MATLAB before so first I have to learn about it. My friend Dr. M. Tim Tinker is going to meet with me in the coming week to answer some questions I have about MATLAB, which he teaches his students to use at UCSC. I want to ask him questions like- How do I build a simulation in MATLAB? and Which simulation package should I use?

My preliminary question is:
What are the minimum resources necessary to support a sustainable orangutan population?

Answering this question could potentially be useful for creating an orangutan sanctuary. We will be able to tell if a sustainable orangutan population is currently possible. Is there still enough forest, or have we gone too far? Is re-forestation necessary to create a sustainable situation for the orangutans?

Speaking of which, Erik Meijaard and Willie Smits argued about protecting rainforest vs replanting rainforest in the comments section of this piece. Very interesting: http://conservationbytes.com/2009/07/25/ray-of-conservation-light-for-borneo/

I am going to check out tutorials on mathworks.com to learn more about MATLAB

I’m not done blogging about the trip yet.. I am almost finished with a short movie about a market in Kyoto which I’ll post soon!


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